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When Claudette Bourvil is recruited to the French Resistance she has no idea what will happen to her. The last thing she expects is that she will be sent to work in the heart of Paris to spy on senior Nazi officers.


Claudette learns how to survive in a city ravaged by war, where the citizens are murdered on the whim of the occupying force. Constantly under threat of discovery and in danger of losing her life Claudette risks everything when she falls in love with the wrong man, the worst kind of man, a Nazi Officer called Keber.


Over seventy years later, in rural Oxfordshire, Connie Webber discovers seven letters linked to a famous playwright, Freddy March. The letters will eventually lead her to Paris where she discovers the horrific reason behind Freddy’s life long depression. As his mother’s story unfolds Connie uncovers a dark past that the city has tried to erase from history.


Newly retired journalist, Martha Nelson, is struggling with the change of pace in her life until she discovers the dilapidated Lapston House and the mystery surrounding it.


Martha cannot resist finding out more, but as she investigates further she discovers that Lapston has dark secrets that still echo down through the years. At the heart of its sadness and desolation is a woman who destroys lives, the heartless and manipulative, Madame Cécile Roussell.


Martha risks everything to find out the truth, including her marriage and the love of her family and friends, but there is one person she cannot let down, the tragic and troubled Maxwell Carrick who has waited over seventy years to meet her.

The Slow Death Of Maxwell Carrick Cover.
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